420A3 Data Security and Integrity

420A3.Com Kicks Ass on Data Security & Integrity
  1. NO TRACKING COOKIES 420A3 Does not use Google Analytics, Google Ads or any other 3rd party tracking or ad delivery software.

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  2. DATA ENCRYPTION Registered Users Only: Any potentially sensitive or personal data like passwords, email address, etc. are encrypted in our database. Email address are never displayed onscreen in our public web content, unless you choose to.

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    THIS IS an actual screen shot of our database proving we do what we say.
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  3. DATA INTEGRITY 420A3 uses proprietary software algorithms, methods and personnel that
    1. Guarantee that companies listed on our site are Legal, Verified Businesses.
    2. Guarantee that Ratings and Comments are Submitted only by Verfied Users
    3. Monitor the 420A3 Website, and Ratings Network, and alerts of any potential abuse.
    4. Our Servers, and Employees devices are locked out of being able to leave ratings.
      We absolutely do not create bogus content, or pad your stats manually.
  4. HTTPS 420A3 operates on https protocol only. This means any information (password, email, ratings, comments,...) is private, and encrypted when posted to our servers.

    For added safety and security, 420A3.Com has taken the extra expense and added steps to secure the Highest rated SSL Certificate.

    Extended Validation Greenbar SSL.

    • Ownership of the domain must be verified
    • Legal Records, including legal name, registration number, address, phone number, and any other assumed business names
    • Proof of physical business address for the business that owns the domain
    • Additional information depending on your registrar and circumstance

  5. CREDIT CARD DATA We NEVER store Credit Card data period.
  6. BUSINESS DATA By default we only publish Business Name, Address 1, City, State, Zip in any of our online content. YOU CHOOSE what else you would like to show publicy (search results, ratings pages etc.)


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