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Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of Thousands of App Users
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The feds have demanded in court that Apple and Google turn over the personal data of anyone who downloaded this free app.

In a Forbes exclusive by Thomas Brewster (Cybersecurity writer Forbes Staff) he details how the feds have gone to court asking for access to names, phone numbers and other identifying data of 10's of thousands of users of the free app Obsidian 4, an app made to calibrate gun scope(s) made by American Technologies Network Corp.

I know what you're thinking...Good who cares about a gun app - OR - What's going after this "gun app" got to do with the cannabis-marijuana-pot market?

Plenty. If this seemingly un-constitutional grab for data succeeds for a gun sight app - what would prevent the feds from doing the same to Weedmaps, Leafly et al to get at your personal data?

Do you really want the feds to know when, where and how much weed you've been buying on line?

If you don't want the Feds to know your weed habits...why would you allow Google and other 3rd party trackers used on other cannabis search websites to track your marijuana usage?

We didn't think so!
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